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Special Offers

Our July Offer is 20% off our Exfoliating Body Polish! This pampering Mary Cohr body treatment thoroughly exfoliates and moisturises the whole body - leaving your skin soft, smooth and radiant. Ideal before you go on holiday allowing your skin to tan better and then your tan lasts longer when you get home. We can get to the bits that you can't - like your back!  This treatment is also ideal before a Spray Tan. Call the Salon to book  01252 666986.

Salon News

 I am so pleased to welcome Jade and Georgia to my team. They both have recently left college and I have spent a lot of time training them to "The Beauty Studio standard". In my new treatment guide they have their own price, under the heading of "therapist" to reflect their experience in the industry.

We are about to launch a new treatment called Lava Shell Massage. This is a relaxing and warming body massage using smooth lava shells. This is a new and improved version of the Hot Stone massage. We do our training mid July so watch out for offers in August.

 I have now got the keys to my new premises at 100 Mytchett Road, Mytchett, Camberley, Surry, GU16 6ET. We have now started our 3 month building project to transform it into a gorgeous beauty salon! I will have a treatment room available to rent out in September when we move in, so if you know any therapists, practitioners or consultants that may be interested - please give them the salon number - 01252 666986. Thanks.

The Beauty Studio is 17 years old today - 1st July! Thank you so much for your custom and loyalty!

Shelley's Tip of the Month - How do SPFs work in suncream?
An SPF stands for 'Sun Protection Factor'.  The number with the SPF indicates how long you can stay in the sun before you burn.  For example, my skin would burn after about 15 minutes in the sun.  If I were to use an SPF30 it would take my skin 15 x 30 = 450 minutes so 7 and a half hours before it burnt.  We work this out by calculating the SPF number by the number of minutes it would take before your skin is burnt without sun cream.  Because I am lazy and have two young children, I don't want to have to keep reapplying sun cream.  Therefore I use a high factor (SPF50) which will then last me all day.  You still get a tan using these high SPFs, but it means your skin is better protected and your tan lasts longer.

My general rule would be... SPF30 in England for EVERYONE.  And SPF50 abroad. Most definitely!! 

Remember: if you burn your skin you are more vulnerable to developing skin cancer, your blood capillaries can burst - leaving your skin permanently red, your skin prematurely ages and your skin also will peel.

If you are leaving your sun cream on all day, make sure it is sweat-proof and water proof. When using cream, the average adult needs 6 FULL TEASPOONS to cover the body!  One full teaspoon for arms and face, same goes for each leg, etc...

Did you know that vitamin C and vitamin E can optimise your sun protection.  Look for sunscreens with these added, powerful antioxidants to give your skin the ultimate in UV defence.

Basically, my motto 'More the Merrier!' is so the way to go with sun cream!